Effective herbs from Crete



Many different thyme species grow on Crete and it has aromatic as well as healing properties. The main components are phenols, thymol and carvacrol. These and other components form a strong antiseptic and disinfectant effect, which is used for throat aches, colds with cough and stomach aches. Due to its aroma and anti-microbial characteristics thyme is added to ointments and toothpaste. It is also effective against gastritis, dyspepsia and diarrhoea.


However, it is not only used for health purposes. In the kitchen thyme is an important spice for salads, meat, fish and vegetables. It is also used to flavour olive oil.



Cistus creticus


In the bath houses and temples of Crete there was always an incense burner filled with labdanum. At first the labdanum resin was obtained from the cut branches of the rockrose.


For all rockroses the group of polyphenols needs to be mentioned, as it is present in very high amounts. Polyphenols are aromatic compounds with the role of bioactive substances in plants (colouring flavours, tannins).



apparently they are a very effective "free radical scavenger" due to their antioxidant effect (much more effective than Vitamin C or E).

anti-bacterial, anti-viral and fungus-resistant

anti-inflammatory and disinfecting


Sea salt (mixes)


Mixed with Cretan herbs, orange or lemon fragrance, with medium-hot spices or simply on its own - sea salt is always enriches your health and kitchen.



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