Culinary delights on Crete

A tavern in the evening light, a splendid sunset over the shimmering sea - or in a romantic windy alley near the ocean - the skin still feeling the heat of the day.... you will find your for something Mediterranean has been awakened.  tl_files/iris/Restaurants/Kulinarisches (Copy).JPG


Crete has only been a part of Greece for around 100 years and the local food and drink is therefore quite different to other islands and the mainland. Here retsina and ouzo are replaced by regional wines from old Cretan vines and Raki made from pomace. A meal is always a social occasion on Crete and is an open-air event as long as the weather permits. Cretan cuisine is traditionally based on seasonally fresh vegetables, pulses, fish and meat (lamb and goat) and milk products from goats and sheep. Tomatoes, onions and olive oil are used in practically every dish. And you will always have bread with every meal!


The meal begins with the mesé, the starters. The more varieties, the better and usually the whole table is decorated with them: toasted aubergine and zucchini slices, tuna fish salad, Greek farmer's salad, stuffed zucchini blossoms, grilled octopus, fáwa (sweet pea puree), stuffed vine leaves and of course also tzatziki. This is accompanied by half a firm roll (dákos) covered in tomato and feta.


Now comes the main course - most foreigners are full by now - with grilled meat, vegetables (baked or stewed) or fish.


Dessert usually consists of freshly peeled fruit or pitarákia, small pastries filled with misidra (cheese) and covered in delicious thyme honey. Baklavá is a very popular dessert, which is usually served at home.


Here are some ideas for recommended taverns and restaurants around Pitsidia.


The Greek tavern Bodikos, run by Charula and Giorgos in Pitsidia's main road.


Mikes Restaurant run by Sassa and Michalis in a side street of Pitsidia


Kelari in Kamilari (on the way to Kalamaki) has its own Raki distillery.


Lagolio in Lagolio (near Timpaki)


Bunga Bunga on Komos beach in Pitsidia