A variety of activities on Crete

Activities in and around Matala and Pitsidia

Due to space constraints we can only give you some ideas in the form of a short list. The links are checked every now and again. If a link takes you to the wrong website, please let us know. Here are just a couple of options:


Massage on Matala beach

Every August there is a big beach volleyball tournament in Matala usually followed by a Harley Davidson Meet.

During the religious holidays of Greek Whitsun there is a big hippie festival in Matala with many live bands and other attractions.

Yoga courses in Pitsidia

There is a health-food shop run by Ioannis in Kouses with a homeopathic consultation service from Athens.

The Raki Festival held on the 1st weekend in October with live raki distillation and Cretan music is always a great event.

Every Tuesday there is live Cretan dancing music on the market square in Pitsidia.

Diving: Levin Scuba Base, Tsigunas Beach, Lendas, www.kretatauchen.com with a pick-up service and information event in Matala and Pitsidia.

Jeep, enduro, motorcycle and smaller boat trips can be booked with Achileas via www.achilles-kreta.de.



Children love to go riding in Pitsidia. You can rent horses from the Melanouri stables for hour-long hacks or whole day excursions.

For older children we recommend the go-kart track in Mires - but be careful, this hobby isn't completely harmless. For children who are nature lovers and explorers the ruins of the aqueducts, old temple compounds and fields with old potsherds can be explored in Gortis / Gortina opposite the actual excavation site with an entrance fee.

As Crete was born "out of the ocean", you can find and collect fossils in the mountains and hills of the Messara plain around Pitsidia and Matala. Living fossils, the Caretta caretta turtles, build their nests on Matalas' beaches in the summer. Archelon, the society for the protection of turtles in Greece, holds informative events in the summer with a slide show on the life and development of sea turtles.

For those that like culture there is a nice SMALL, very traditional Cretan museum in Vori just outside Timpaki. At the edge of the village there is a nice restaurant with delicious delicacies called "De Belgen" with a great playground.

Take the car to the small but idyllic bay of Agio Farango past the Odigitrias monastery and park at the small parking lot at the entrance to the gorge. After walking 30 minutes along the riverbed accompanied by scores of kri kris, the local goats, and a wonderful echo you will reach the bay. If you are lucky you will see the monk who is living in a cave as a hermit.

Special activities on Crete

So far there is only one place on Crete to go bungee jumping: Star Beach Water Park on the eastern outskirts of Limenas Chersonissu. From mid-June to the end of September a nearly 50-metre high crane looms over the ocean, inviting you to jump into thin air alone or in pairs. Before travelling from afar you should telephone ahead to see if bungee jumping is still available (Tel: 28 97 02 44 34, Fax 28 97 02 14 75, daily 9am-8pm, www.starbeach.gr).


And for those who won't take a break even in the heat: Crete's first 18-hole golf course, The Crete Golf Club, was opened in 2003 7 km outside Chersonissos (on the Chersonissos-Kastelli road, Tel: 28 97 02 60 00, www.crete-golf.gr). A 9-hole course with a tee design that offers two playing options can be found on the property of the Hotel Porto Eloúnda near Eloúnda (Tel: 28 41 04 19 03, Fax: 28 41 04 18 89, www.portoelounda.gr)