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Rent holiday homes, holiday apartments, flatlets and villas on Crete

On Crete the nearest sandy beach in a secluded bay is just a step from your holiday home with a pool - the island is still an insider's tip for independent travellers. These family-run holiday homes and apartments (on Crete nearly always without a sitting room), the many small taverns serving typical food, the bustling activity on the village squares in the evening and the evergreen olive trees still characterise the island's appearance. Especially in southern Crete and on the west coast you can still see old priests riding on donkeys; life is still very close to nature. Many still keep their own chickens (and get delicious eggs for breakfast) and sheep or goats. Some are once again devoting their time to raising the typical small horses of Crete.

Here we present holiday homes, villas, luxury villas and also flatlets to those interested in the original Crete; all are still run by families and appealed to us because of their lovingly furnished rooms. We know all the owners of the holiday homes presented on our webpage - they are all extremely friendly and ensure their guests have a happy stay.

In terms of furnishing and location many of the holiday homes on our webpages can be classed as luxury villas or villas and will therefore satisfy even the highest standards.

Allow yourself to be swept away by the holiday feeling of this island! ...because life can be so beautiful... - the Original!